bree wants to know who your first crush was

mine was kristin burke. first grade. first phone number i ever got.
she lived exactly one block away but for some reason i wanted her number.
i was adorable, she was adorable, who isnt adorable when youre 7 ?

on top of her normal adorable ness in cluding freckles
she was on the first grade swim team.
we had a pool exactly one and a half blocks away.
so her blonde hair got blonder because of the chlorine and sun.

so i was all hey whats your phone number and i got it and the next day
we both got off the bus and i ran home and waited a few minutes
climbed the step stool to the kitchen phone that was on the wall and i
her phone number, and she answered and who knows what we talked about

one day some of the boys started throwing rocks at girls
and kristin walked by.
ever since first grade my rock throwing aim has been uncanny.
but i didnt wanna hit kristin burke with no rock.
i didnt know what i wanted to do but not that.
so i threw it way over her head
right through someones windshield.
and ran

and then called her an hour later or so.

dont get any taller i said.