happy birthday Hollywood, you’re 125


and i love you i love you i love you i love you.

ten years ive lived in your zip code and theres nothing i like better than to write

Hollywood, California

on my envelopes.

people from outta town are all, really? and im like yep!

they ask what its like here and i say heavenly.

they ask about crime or gangs or drugs or earthquakes

and im like yep!!

they ask about celebs and rock stars and hamburgers and tacos and bars

and fashion and fast cars and fast living and palm trees and street art

and pop up stores and film shoots and freeway car chases and beautiful people

and im all oh hell yeah

and i dont even tell them about free movie screenings and secret rock shows

and little mexican churches inside store fronts and shorts weather in february

and hikes in runyon and rock n roll ralphs and angeleene and rodney on the roq

amoeba, the 4100, fred 62, the 101 cafe, thai elvis, little mr t, and the $5 guy

concerts at hollywood forever graveyard and singalongs at the hollywood bowl

cuz either they wouldnt understand or it’d be rubbing it in.

ten years ago i thought this was gonna be a little pit stop from the wessside

but hollywood i love you and i want you and i wanna be buried in griffith park

right where batman used to be filmed.

because this whole thing has been a fantasy.

so much so that any time i see the hollywood sign

it reminds me this really is a dream,


and we’re all so lucky to walk on your star studded sidewalks.