its ok to be the leader

hamilton high

I work with a young lady named Tami who has owned a particular icky story
about a veteran teacher accused of molesting students.

it started when one kid sued the teacher for having a 3-4 year relationship with him
beginning when the boy was 13 years old.

this was no typical teacher, he was the 2010 music teacher of the year.

the LA Times had the story that night right when Tami did, but theirs never made it to print.
Tami kept writing. And more kids came out. And then more.

many in LA media were distracted because there were other teachers (and a janitor) accused this month of lewd behavior with kids. but Tami mostly stayed focused on this underreported story.

this weekend i went to the school to take pictures. nice school. nice part of town.

the LAPD said that because of her reporting they were going to investigate the teacher.
Today, the school district fired him and suddenly the Times has decided to write another post.

i bet this time it ends up in the paper.


during the week though there were some who were nervous. ‘why isnt the LAT covering this?’ ‘why is TV not doing anything with this guy?’ ‘why is this not as big a story as that one teacher who allegedly put his own semen on cookies and made students put on blindfolds and taste it?’

the answer is, who cares what other media outlets are doing? if you have an important story and if you have all the facts, dont be afraid to go it alone. sometimes being alone proves that you are well ahead of the pack.

trust yourself.

believe in rock.

get used to being alone.

it will be ok.