karisa was all lets do something we aint never done


i was all screw that hippie!

she was like all we ever do is the same thing: eat drink be merry. im bored!

i was like me too, this weathers boring, yr pretty hairs boring, this jay-z and kanyes boring, this fast car’s boring!

she was all why are we yelling!!!!

karisa and i are workaholics. we’re gonna die before we die.

and still at 930pm we looked fantastic. especially me.

all summer ive been playing around with this beard. i dont know what to do.

when i had a secret girlfriend i grew it, now ive got a makebelieve fiance so i grew it.

karisa btw hates that i dont take facebook seriously. hates it. called me names about it.

she was all lie in yr blog if you want, but facebook is for serious.

i said the only thing serious is how seriously imma eat that crazy sushi deal that has

little baby eggs with a quail egg on top.

she said imma drink that sake and beer and sake and beer and sake

and soon we had forgotten whatever idealistic dreams we had

and just went back to the same ole boring same ole merriment

and drove home listening to kelly clarkson