screwed up and did another panel discussion last night


after my last panel discussion i was so happy that it was over that i opened my big mouth and gave them a great idea for a second panel.

“i have some of the smartest friends who know Everything about music. a few days before the Grammys we should have a panel discussion where we talk about the Grammy nominees and the HORRIBLE STATE OF MUSIC TODAY!”

they were all, you should host the panel and be the moderator.

and i said im afraid youre right.

so yesterday i had fancy shoes in a bag, and a nice shirt, and because these things make me super nervous i forgot them in my house and wore my Little Armenia tshirt and Cubs hat in front of an audience of thousands.

so very embarrassing.

luckily everyone was engrossed in the awesome discussion between Nicole Cifani (KCRW, Yahoo Music), Todd Martens (LA Times), and Scott Sterling (LA Times, LA Weekly, Metromix, KPCC) and didn’t notice how underdressed I was.

The convo was lively and interesting. Everyone brought something unique to the discussion.

And in the end we learned that if i didn’t like todays sounds its because I’m lazy and not taking full advantage of my Rdio and Spotify subscriptions.

Afterwards we drank and ate at Congregation up the street. Pray for Mr. Sterling who ate a bad burger there.

Never again!