oldest man in South Central tells all

mark my words

one of the secret weapons of KPCC’s online presence will be a tiny little blog that covers South Central LA

it’s one of the most important areas of LA – situated right in the center of town

and yet its ridiculously under represented in news coverage.

but not with KPCC.

OnCentral is the South Central blog and it will soon be a blog that people stop over looking.

this feature on the oldest man in the hood who drinks Hennesey, eats candy, and used to “run numbers”

is a tale you wouldnt see on TV or read in the newspaper but is pretty silly to over look.

heres a guy who worked in a tire factory, has seen huge changes in LA and the world

and the biggest, most important thing he’s seen was the election of Barack Obama as president.

Grant Slater who shot and edited this video is another hidden weapon

and young Haley Fox who found Papa Si and who wrote the story is another super secret weapon.

this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

mark my words.