do the things you love in life

friespeople ask me why i eat french fries.

cuz i love them.

you can marry bacon, ive BEEN married to french fries goin on decades now.

people be arent you afraid of dying. im all who escapes death?

matt debord the other day said something like the difference between americans

and the rest of the world is americans think death is an option.

you know whats an option?

regular fries or curly fries.

jerry garcia died some say cuz of drugs and others from junk food.

ive seen the walls of hippies and it seems to me that jerry garcia produced a ton of music

before the cheetos or heroin got him.

and something tells me he’s noodling in Heaven

where you still need a miracle to get in, but once youre in

theres french fries errrywhere and ketchup and mayo and mustards

and condiments like you aint never seen before.

those are options.

be nice, pray, and eat yr fries fool.