the xbi and my mother have one thing in common

guerrilla garden on sunset

their love for me.

the other thing they have in common is they get nervous when i miss a day of blogging.

they know i love blogging more than anything

and fear if i miss a day its because of something tragic

or unbloggable.

its so sweet.

and yes yesterday i did something unbloggable.

and today i may do it again.

today is sunday, the day of rest. and i cant rest.

i woke up at 6am. i watched the Kings Speech, then i watched Kareem’s

“On the Shoulders of Giants” which is fantastic, despite what i expected.

when Kareem blogged briefly for the Times i had his book of the same name on my desk

and i was thinking about asking him to sign it

but you wanna be professional, which usually means not doing something.

i have enough autographs, i said to myself.

big mistake.