i want to make tv commercials

or be a shrink

or make music videos

or have a pop up taco stand called Dont Blink

or be a relationship referee

or open up a pop up soul food restaurant called Wait What

or compliment people for ten minutes for $100

or write a book of lies

or give tours of LA for $10,000 for one week, meals included

or de-suck web sites

or have a pop up flower stand in the worst place in town

or create a celebrity dunk tank circuit

or get (back) in the baby naming racket

or make a pop up poutine restaurant called Pou Who?

or start an all accordian weird al cover band

or change all the ors in my life into ands

the median is the message

the median is the message

a lot happened yesterday

spent 5 hours at h&r block doing some complicated taxes.

the IRS last week wrote me a note saying yo pay us 7 grand

so i hustled over to the tax man yesterday and it seems i didnt claim my stocks

which were mostly losses because im horrible at picking stocks.

earlier in the day i inadvertently got in a fight with a pretty girl

because im horrible at picking jokes to bust via text messaging.

soon after i advertently went hiking with your bff because my leg is sore

and my belly is fat, and my lungs are weak.

broke up with directv after 18 years

i nearly cried as i did it.