pretty girl met me at a bar

strange and she was talking and normally i look at peoples mouths when they talk

because i want to see every word.

but this time i just looked at her eyes to try to read her mind.

smart girl but i couldnt figure out if she was naive or crazy or what.

cuz i wanted to say, cant you see that you should be talking to Anyone except me tonight

you should be drinking with that loser over there, or that dbag over there


and for damn sure you shouldnt have just typed your phone number into my phone.

i was tempted to say, look in my eyes. what do you see.

but i didnt want her to look there.

i wanted her to read my lips

which were whispering

fly away little birdie

there are better branches you can coo on.

taller poles you can perch from.

cooler holes to hide in.

funner drafts to glide on.

but bars make things fuzzy, and music makes things groovy

and sometimes it doesnt matter what people say or do

theyre just gonna be into you.

right, rihanna