Geoff Boucher will be on Oscar’s red carpet tomorrow. Who is he wearing?

geoff boucher being strangled by david carr of the new york times

One of my favorite writers Geoff Boucher will be representing the LA Times on the carpet tomorrow and shared in his Facebook stream today what threads he will be sporting. “Against all odds: For six years now I’ve been getting my Oscars night rental from Tuxedo Court — it’s over in Lakewood in a strip mall on Del Amo — and not ONCE have I bumped into a nominee.”

After a few friends questioned him about it, the caped crusader behind the Hero Complex blog explained why he doesn’t shop for his tux somewhere more… fancy.

“Well LAT won’t buy one (nor will they pay for dry cleaning) and so its actually more practical to dial up Judy over at Tuxedo Court. I left an Oscars ticket in the pocket once and she pinned it to the wall. Now I bring her awards-show stubs and she adds to collection. Nothing impresses the Millikan High prom crowd like a crumpled Golden Globes parking pass.”

Photo: NYT’s David Carr strangles Mr. Boucher on the red carpet in 2009. Courtesy the Boucher Archives

dope block on my stove top

dante terrell smith aka mos def aka brother sam aka yasiin bey

just took the kings of hip hop down a few giant rungs

jay-z and kanye west are so proud of their hit single “Niggas In Paris” that they play it multiple times in a row as the encore to their recent “watch the throne” tour.

they played it 5 times in miami, six times in boston, eight times in chicago, 10 times in LA, and 11 times in vancouver.

hip hop has always been fueled with brags from cocky mc’s

so lines from Jay like “What’s 50 grand to a muhfucka like me / Can you please remind me?” are nothing new.

but to flip it and bring it back to the streets like mos def does by saying “it’s more than my annual salary” reminds the world that hip hop isn’t for the 1%.

thus “ball so hard” turns into “poor so hard”, and jay and ye are taken down from their throne and presented as not the heroic idols but the idolators who are the problem and bad role models.

meanwhile as much as we celebrated the fact that hip hop has spread to such places as omg paris,

its a wicked joy to see what mos def does to once-amazing lines like:

“Ball so hard, let’s get faded, Le Meurice for like 6 days
Gold bottles, scold models, spillin’ Ace on my sick J’s
Bitch behave, just might let you meet Ye…”

hip hop was always about one-upping the king of the block

this week mos def reminded us that no one is untouchable

and no one is undethroneable