snoop dogg doesnt think about britney

snoop and brit he doesnt say to himself, we coulda been Brangelina


snoop doesnt dwell on what could have been

snoop stays in the moment.

only time snoop ever looked back was when he almost went to jail

murder WAS the case

but then he kept doing all the things snoop do:

smoke weed, rap about being a pimp,

eat roscoes chicken

dress super fly

and smile like the one guy who could get away with Errrything.

me, i look at this picture all the time and i think about what could have been.

snoop and britneys babies would have been the most important babies ever.

those babies would have brought this country together.

i love ice and coco but snoop & brit would have sold some damn US Weeklys.

if obama knew better he’d a hooked that up.

i realize he was killing osama and stuff, but the economy bro

theyd have sold some damn records too.

these are the things i think of

all the time.