the goal of climbing the hard part of runyon

at the top

is to make it to the top (pictured) without wanting to kill yourself

or anyone else.

pretty much everything annoys me as i make the hike up the mountain.

dogs, bugs, people running, people who let their dogs crap on the trail

people who pick up the dog crap but then toss the little bag on the trail

haze, sweaty people, my earbuds, the lack of web reception.

usually being with karisa soothes me but she had a baby shower to attend to

so i was alone with my thoughts which werent helping so i turned on my favorite podcast

The Minutes starring Patience from The Grates.

she and this other young lady talk about life in a girly way with Aussie accents

and its hard not to smile and laugh and wish that there were people like them hiking with you

the good year blimp was doing circles below us cuz of the oscars

the roads were closed all over cuz of the oscars

the line at In N Out was super short cuz of the oscars

my double double tasted super great cuz of the oscars

and spaceboy they’ll kill me before i’m dead and gone

ufoi was asked do i ever feel like an alien.

like do i ever get the feeling i was dropped off from a space ship a long time ago

and thats why i think differnt, look different

feel different

act different

i say we dont answer those sorts of questions from where im at

they asked where you from

i said the suburbs.

its a place where we have had the internet for quite a while.

we’re not afraid of the things you earth people are afraid of.

likewise we are terrified of things you dont seem to have any concern about.

art is nothing to be afraid of, for example.

guns though. yikes.

theres a cure song called six different ways.

it came out in 1985.

‘this is stranger than i ever thought’

i had my first apartment. i shared a room with a guy who looked like art garfunkel.

a young art garfunkel.

he had a drawer of tapes that he recorded from all these albums.

it was stranger than i ever thought.

i was dating a girl who was a year older than me.

she wore perfume and pearls.

she convinced me to throw out my shoebox of love letters from my high school girlfriend.

then she broke up with me because i wouldnt have sex with her.

from my planet you got to know the girl a little first.

crazy idea, i know.

after all these years i do not forget her name: jennifer.

we made out to art’s frank sinatra tapes. and it was steamy.

and i could see how she would want more.

but she had more lipstick on than robert smith.

and the perfume seemed fake and im sure the pearls were.

planet suburbs kept it real even back then.