1. Wednesday, February 1, 2012

    darth has questions for me 

    darth vader at Fry's

    but rarely do i have answers.

    usually i ask things like hey arent you dead? didnt you die in episode 3?

    and he breathes and says do i look dead?

    to be honest i dont even remember how episode 3 ended.

    when i was a kid i saw episode 1. i was 10. maybe 9.

    the commercials didnt entice me. neither did the reviews.

    “a new type of Cowboys and Indians” they hyped it as, but f cowboys and indians.

    because of that i have learned to ignore commercials and reviews

    and i try to see movies before i hear even one peep about it.

    cuz i freaking loved star wars when it was new and i was 9.

    LOVED it!