i still was a good night

the boss’s daughter in law was in town for the grammys cuz she was up for an award or something

so we were gonna go hiking but something happened so we had brunch instead.

super nice, extremely smart, and of course beautiful cuz it runs in the family.

went on a hike anyways with karisa who climbed mt runyun like it aint no thing.

the view was gorgeous and the dog smell was less bothersome because of the recent drizzle.

afterwards i napped in my sweaty clothes like a hobo and dreamed of spring training.

when i woke i got a text message saying ‘i won a grammy but everyones lame, lets eat’

so i drove over to the wesssside, picked her up, drank wine and sped over to the best sushi in town

who even at 10:30pm was packed. we finally got a table and peter took hella care of us

top five meal she says shes ever had, and the fish was particularly fresh.

as i drove home i saw a weird scene at Vatican, formerly Safari Sams. formerly Tulips

kids everywhere cars breaking all sorts of rules. people running red lights

i assumed it was a gun fight, and when i read todays paper, i was sad to see i was right.