i think Sinead O’Connor was inspired by Justin Bieber: and thats awesome

who are my favorite people?

crazy ones.

sinead is intensely crazy which is why i adore her.

and it helps that her new album ‘How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?’ is the best album (so far) of the year.

but tell me that “your smile makes me smile” from her upliftingly strong “The Wolf is Getting Married”

doesnt remind you a little tiny bit like “you smile, i smile” by Canadas favorite ultra teen Justin Bieber

of course Sinead takes it into a better place, BUT STILL!

anyways that clip is from the Graham Norton show where she talks about being called crazy

which makes for GREAT TELEVISION. no really watch:

ok you know what makes for not great television: when you stop conversations that are getting good!

omg do i have to make everything better across the globe?

btw i love that when sinead called him out for not having the correct cd

someone on the panel said “you must have gotten that from the brothas”

<3 racists