1. Wednesday, February 29, 2012

    obamacare where are you? 

    San Diego

    the other day i went to my doctor to get my annual physical.

    because my doctor, the best in all of pasadena, is out of network, i had to pay $100 just to walk in the door

    but thats cool because a long time ago that very same doctor was the one who told me that in order

    to stop my daily vomiting of blood

    i should stop working for people who obviously hate me.

    soon i was working for LAist and all was well with my body.

    fast forward to this year. i pay the benjamin to get in. i take my physical

    which is getting hooked up to electrodes, giving some blood, and stepping on a scale.

    fast forward to yesterday. i get a bill from “the lab”


    canada, i san diego you not. to get a physical – even if you have insurance

    it is about One Thousand Dollars for them to tell you alls cool.

    i feel sick.