speaking of death and dying, a year ago i nearly died


but these two angels in vegas saved me


the next day we saw the black keys play at the cosmo

and it was all a beautiful dream half because i wasnt dead

and half because i wasnt afraid to die anymore

because when you die beautiful angels pour you whiskey.

and take you to an all u can eat buffet

where you really cant eat anything cuz its sorta heaven and sorta not.

it wasnt the first time i was thatclose to death.

the xbi makes sure you have a few near life experiences so you appreciate things.

its like how they shoot you a few times so you arent scared of gunplay.

just call the scars shingles they advise you.

but heres the funniest thing about nearly dying last year in vegas

on presidents day weekend right before seeing the black keys

that monday on the way outta town i was pretty exhausted from: vegas

so while filling up the camaro i bought and drank a 5 hour energy drink

and for a good 9 hours my brain was on fire.

that – was worse than dying.