1. Tuesday, February 14, 2012

    the heart is a muscle, flex it 

    heart printthere are some things that are easy to love:

    the beautiful, the young, the fascinating, the familiar,

    the blossoming, the mighty, the safe

    but is that what we’re here to do?

    jesus walked with the tax collectors and the riff raff

    and afterwards he said love each other

    the way ive loved you

    he could have had a full on vip section, a velvet rope,

    a guest list to his heart

    he could have said dont you know who i am

    but he went directly to the least tribe, the blind, and the sick.

    because thats where his love was needed most.

    supermodels dont need roses, they wont eat the chocolates,

    they wanna be with billy joel

    and seal.

    and thats fine.

    someone turned blood into wine.

    turn your love into more love

    and then make a toast.