1. Saturday, February 4, 2012

    we want you to try new things 

    its why we’re still here.

    its why Seinfeld was canceled.

    we want you to try new things.

    its why there are so many Crayolas

    its why there are so many people

    its why the caged bird things.

    its why the world spins.

    authority figures say freedom this and freedom that

    but have you noticed theyre also the ones who say loudest stop that

    but life says start it. life says heres the seed. heres the sun. heres the spark

    now run.

    god says if you run fast enough you’ll fly. science too.

    but gravity and the naysayers and everyone with veto power believe its their job to say no.

    the correct answer is yes. the truth is in order to survive we must adapt.

    in order to progress we must stop eating lead paint chips.

    what are the lead paint chips in your life.

    mine are the voices in my head that say you cant, you must not, you should not

    or you’ll die.

    she’ll break up with you.

    you’ll be fired.

    they wont love you any more.

    even though the good book says consider the lilies of the field

    they just sit there and god takes care of them

    so imagine how much he wants you to blow the roof off this sucker.

    so rock.

    if for any reason, out of principle.

    and because you can.