1. Monday, February 13, 2012

    why didnt anyone tell me it was Februany 

    thai town camaro

    did you know theres a Whitney E. Houston School in New Jersey?

    did you know this is Leap Month?

    did you know The Lakers and The Clippers were on a two week road trip because of The Grammys?

    did you know i have the lowest self esteem of anyone youve ever met?

    did you know i have an 85$ copay to see my doctor because he’s out of network?

    did you know i barely move when i sleep?

    did you know i pet a puppy today and it barely moved?

    did you know Rick Santorum is the new front runner of the GOP presidential race?

    did you know that this is what thai town in hollywood looks like?

    did you know that this is what the end looks like?