tony pierce to the rescue*

lindsay lohan keeping it realI hardly ever “Google myself” but I did today and look what popped up – I’m famous!

Mobile counselor tackles youth substance abuse

By GWEN SHRIFT Staff Writer | Posted: Sunday, March 4, 2012 12:00 am

As if things weren’t bad enough for Jill — her mother was seriously ill and the 17-year-old had begun skipping school to “sit in a room and get high every day” — she was arrested for possession of marijuana.

As a first-time offender, she went before a local youth aid panel, and as far as Jill was concerned, the news just kept getting worse. She was referred to a program run by Today, Inc. that would put a counselor in her face on a regular basis.

“I was really not happy about it. I really didn’t wanna do it,” says Jill, who spoke on the condition that her real name not be used. “I didn’t think I had a problem.”

Then she met Tony Pierce, from whom it was not so easy to escape. And that has made all the difference in her life.

At this point I was all awwwwwww and then oooooohhhhh it’s so clearly not me.

But feel free to click here to as that old dude on the radio used to say

Hear The REST of the STORY

theres many things i dont miss about living in frisco

at the top of the list are the aggressive bike riders.
who seemingly Want to be hit by cars busses and semi trucks.
here in LA theres a small subculture of like minded cyclists
led by the longtime busblog reader Wil Campbell
who are much more reasonable,
but other than Wil, just as annoying on the road.

its almost like they know theyre the younger sibling on the road
and for some crazy reason the parents made up this stupid rule
that they are some how Equal to the older kids
and theyre allowed the same priveledges as everyone
and so they peck at you while mom is watching
and you grimace and think
just wait, you.
just wait.

today the little brother made a funny ass video.

the month of pisces – the fish swimming in opposite directions

i dont wanna believe in astrology
or fate
or logic
or soul mates
or luck
or divine intervention
or happenstance
or destiny
or past lives
or curses and spells
or the stars
or mother nature
or jung or freud
or sparks
or chemistry
or beer googles

i wanna believe that
just like the birds
you hear a sound im making
and i hear one from you

and omgwtf



but life is just a cabaret
old chum.

we know this.