she was all put on some pants and run outside

emergency i was all do you know how cold it is out there?

she was like i thought you were xbi

i said baby i aint been xbi in so long

she lifted her eyelashes and said

thats not what my sister said.

startled birds flap

into the sky

leaving behind one stray feather

this little little kid.

barely big enough to walk sees it

and heads over.

kids mom is all no no princess

thats DIRTY


i was thinking isnt this the same kid

i just watched put her whole filthy foot,

shoe and all, into its mouth

on several occasions?

but i guess that feather fell off for a reason.

just like i guess we fell off for a reason


there are a few beautiful sights in the world

kogi truck

the grand canyon

a new car with a red bow

two women. one wearing a tshirt saying tony.

the other wearing one saying pierce me.

right up there is the vision of the kogi truck across the street

from your workplace on a sunny day right around lunchtime.

the place across the street from me has lunch trucks there almost every day

and only as i devoured my three korean/mexican tacos did i learn

that we from the wrong side of the street are not welcome there.

but let me tell you america (and canada)

and chile

and australia

and holland

and all the ships at sea:

if i see a kogi truck on a sunny day across the street from me

right before lunchtime

youre gonna have a hard time keeping me from ordering three tacos.

you can live through anything if Magic made it


saw that Magic Johnson special on ESPN

nearly made me cry

made me choke up a bit.

i highly recommend it if you havent seen it.

doesnt even matter if you dont care about sports or basketball

magic transcended all of that. he was a star in a city that has all the best stars.

im still amazed that while Eazy-E and all those others died of AIDS,

the Lord wanted Magic to stick around and show us that anything is possible

even beating something that we once thought was unbeatable.

God bless life. God bless science. God bless hope.

(wear condoms)