last night mama mia last night

there used to be a time when people, specifically men, would come to this url to take a peek into the wild world of hollywood.

even though they were warned that all of it was fake.

we are here to live vicariously through you, they’d write.

the crazy thing is my life hasnt gotten all that more mild

ive just mellowed out on writing about it.

i dont even write about it in one of my dozens of secret blogs.

and thats what worries me.

bukowski is burping in his grave.

sorry bro.

last night bruce springsteen played at sxsw.

my buddy dan in austin said no one even knew how to get tickets.

if theres one thing brothas know how to do its get tickets.

lil wayne also played out there.

and here in hollywood the Drive By Truckers played on the sunset strip.

and what did i do on the day before the day before st paddys day?

that will be the first thing i write about in the new ultra secret blog

titled, call it a comeback.