trading up

graffiti creates jobs

peaking upon peak
rounding up

so whats your plan i was asked

world domination
mixed marriages
baby mommas
limited profiles

suggested retail prices.

what kinda pants are those?
power cords.

someone said she looks good
someone else was all, shes 22,
who dont look good at 22?

hmmmmm i thought.
and kept drinking.

bartenders drunk someone said.
he sure was something. staring at the register.

finally cuz it takes one to know one
someone goes he’s stoned.
hes not wobbly.
hes just staring at the colors.
musta smoked something i aint smoked
in quite a while,
someone else said.

and got a free beer off him.

omg tony pierce yr my favorite blogger

ben & friends

what would you say if a beautiful gurl came up to you on St. Paddys night saying those things?

if youre me, you dont believe it. youd think its a joke or a terrible hoax.

if youre you you might soak it in or play it cool or get embarrassed

or you might actually own it.

truth of the matter is i had all day saturday to write and i didnt.

so on saturday night when i actually did write it was sorta a “have to” instead of a “get to”

and i thought to myself, “now may be a good time to retire this 11 year old blog”

then two hours later my buddy ben’s special lady friend comes up to me with all those compliments.

no seriously, never stop writing, she continued. you are so good, so romantic

and i know some of what you write is true no matter what you say.

after a while she brought over her friend, we all started drinking green beer.

soon they were dancing. even the bartender was dancing. all was well.

there was luck of the irish.

we are all lucky. lucky to be here.

lucky to have another shot at things.

lucky to meet new people, experience new things,

and try to improve on toning down that incessant chatter in our minds that say

no you cant.

somewhere someone thinks you’re number one.

own it.

and say thank you nice angel.