the new madonna record is better than the new ting tings record

motorhead shiraz dont you find that odd?

dont you think that when youre young and impressionable you should be more creative and fantastic?

maybe madonna has more to prove. maybe madonna has more help. maybe madonna is just a little bit better than yr average bare.

im gonna see the los angeles clippers play basketball tonight.

there are so many things i have to do before i get to do that. mama mia.

i have to write like 5-6 more blog posts for work. im covering for some writers.

i have to shave my march beard off.

i have to eat a lunch consisting of more than wheat thins.

i have to write like 5 people emails.

have i mentioned i have the greatest tax man of all times? fyi?

the other day i got this scary letter from the IRS saying i owed $8,000. if you havent noticed, the busblog doesnt have ads, so how was i supposed to scrape up an extra 8 gs? instead i went to H&R block and met a pleasant gentleman named Walter Huberwald who not only made it so I didn’t owe no $8,000

but i would be getting close to $3k back.

he said the gov’t may ask me to pay a small penalty.

yesterday i got a letter from the state and yes i owed a penalty:


God bless you Walter.

you will be getting a bottle of red very soon.