xbi was all we hear you wanna go see the clippers

clippers tick tock they never stop.

for a while they worked their way in your dreams to subtly influence

never expecting that the mental jujitsu they taught you as a kid could be used against them

to end dreams.

but hell yeah i wanted their tickets to the clip show

cp3 to blake

lob city


parking pass

“no strings attached.”

crazy thing about the clippers game is its crazy.

a bombardment to your senses at every moment.

if the game isnt run n gun slam dunking behind the back passing

clippers last minute shot over jail breakers

its cheerleaders and dancers and little kid dancers and half court contests

commercials and djs and kiss cam

and 10 year old boys taking off their shirts next to their proud mommas

xbi section is where they serve you sushi at yr seat superfast

so you dont miss the tshirts flying the kid ripping off all his jerseys

the black dude dancing in his seat, the drum line banging on the court

the old lady kissing her old man and then high fiving the kid infront of her

xbi likes to poison the ginger.

they slipped me a phone

today i mailed back the ringer.