don’t forget me


we are here and in a blink we gone.
yet we say things and think things.
and refuse to write them down.

we are afraid of what people will think.
not dogs. not dogs.

people see things all the time
people can handle it.
but we still resist.

we think we can hurt peoples feelings.
omg i wish!
lets all try real hard right now, as one
and try to hurt The Devil’s feelings.
you cray Devil.
you fug Satan!
you stink Evil Doer!

cant be done.

only people can choose to feel bad about crap
and often its not the things they should feel bad about
usually its weird things no one was thinking about
omg did i only give that person a 17% tip?
omg did i address her with the formal tu
instead of the more respectful vous?

we cray.

we gonna die.

we need to learn to write things down
and let it see the whites of yr eyes.

if people get sad, big whoop.
odds are they sad anyhow.