1. Thursday, March 22, 2012

    if you believe the legend, they were sandblasting this mural 


    but the gods heard the racket and got wise to the destroyers and stopped em

    for some reason the gods have kept me healthy all winter

    only a few sniffles and such, nothing to knock me out.

    but the side effect this month has been anger and rudeness and misdirection.

    its really unlike me.

    im a cool cucumber most of the time so maybe im still rattled from summer.

    they say you cant f up a libras scales cuz it will take a while for it to recalibrate

    and settle down. and once its settled its still as can be.

    your hero is far from still as can be.

    its 241am and in a few hours i have to wake up and go to a college for career day.

    im gonna tell em im a fireman.