1. Thursday, March 15, 2012

    let it be 

    a long time ago i was dating a pretty girl who one day said “omg you are never satisfied”.

    at the time i just thought she was pouting but ive never forgotten that complaint

    or how cute she looked when she said it.

    cuz inside i was all, i love you so much i wish you knew.

    one of my favorite bands, the replacements, has a song called “unsatisfied” that is so heartbreakingly stark its amazing.

    “look me in the eye and tell me that you’re satisfied,” westerberg sings/whines which you think will be the part of the song that gets you

    but its all a slow wind up for the achingly painful chorus.

    there are moments where i am satisfied, dont get me wrong.

    i love LA. i love hollywood. i love where i live. i love my friends.

    i like the shirt im wearing. i like the robe im in.

    i like it so much i slept in it last night.

    i like my odds for the future.

    i like my car – which in LA is everything.

    and i like this girl who is about to send me some bikini pictures.

    and of course i love the busblog. and its readers.


    but am i satisfied?

    as a cubs fan first and foremost,

    to quote whitney: hell to the no.

    and maybe thats the root of all my problems.