1. Monday, March 5, 2012

    life is super cray 

    it dont matter if youre poor or rich
    blonde or brunette
    famous or internet famous
    or not even popular in your own room.

    life be cray.

    pretty much even if youre God its that way.

    God was all, yo adam heres a naked lady for you,
    only thing i ask is you two dont eat from that one tree
    next thing you know theyre listening to a snake
    and nom nom whoops.

    and even kids know that story still we run out to be
    or smart
    or funny
    or wonderful

    as if

    meanwhile we forget that even for God Above
    life so cray
    that he flooded this place outta frustration
    and hardly anyone believes in him
    or trusts him enough to read the only book he left behind.

    whose theme is pretty much:

    life is cray
    don’t panic