made a huge mistake and watched the Bachelor last night


i do a pretty good job, i think, of finding the good in humanity.

i also like to fool myself into believing i am somewhat of a romantic.

but do these women seriously think that they are not going to look foolish

fawning over a man they barely know, proclaiming to him that they love him

in hopes that he will propose to them on national tv

after meeting their parents?

because the show has been on for years, they know he’s only going to pick one of them.

and yet last night about 20 of the discarded bachelorettes were unified in hating on

the model from santa monica who kisses fish and gets naked while frolicking in the sea.

it made for interesting television only because a) they were easy on the eyes

b) they missed the irony of calling her a tramp even though many were falling out of their dresses

c) who doesnt like a good 5 minute cat fight as you brush your teeth before bedtime?

if i had daughters id set them down and say “unlearn everything this show is teaching you.”

id say, “you are not meeting your husband on a tv show where he makes out with many of them.”

id say, “daddy will hang himself if you ever appear on a program like this.”

with that said, i was amused to see the show concluded with one of the rejected ladies

saying to the other

“I have a tampon I want to share with you.”

and then they hugged