my $950 physical exam

the clock in the exam room

i try not to complain very much in the busblog.

so i will today merely express the facts and move on.

i work for a company whose parent company is based in Minnesota. i live in California.

i used to work for a company whose parent company is based in Chicago.

because of that, it is not all that uncommon that my longtime doctor has been “out of network”.

that has typically meant that going to see him cost between $50-$100 just to walk in the door.

because im healthy (despite my dependence on fast food) i only have to walk in the door about once a year.

usually for a physical which is comprised of the doc taking some blood and hooking me up to some electrodes.

the current company i work for is super nice, but for some reason they want to pay for $0 of said physical.

the physical, because America is super cray about Health for some reason has decided that the lab costs are $850 to examine a man’s blood and analyze the electric things i was hooked up to.

thus yours truly had to pay $100 to walk in the door and $850 to cover the analytics.

i am not a whiner. you will rarely hear me complain. about anything.

life is ours. we are the masters of our domain. control is an illusion, but we steer the ship (mostly)

therefore, canada, expect me to fly up there once a year, hang ooot for a few days

as i visit one of your doctors who will give me my annual check up

and with the money i will save i will buy all of you beers.