no one won the lottery yesterday so its now $290 million earth clams

beastiesi have turned into an angry man.

i may seem all happy here and there but inside im bitter and pissed and uptight

theres women who cant stop loving me and i cant stop loving them right back

and yet it doesnt turn into a delicious wine, the results are a bitter harvest.

i feel as if peoples hearts are hardened to me.

which biblically, means something badass is fixin to pop

but like a pregnant lady past her due date im getting a little anxious.

patience is a virtue but rock is what we’re here to do, i believe the bard once said.

or mike d. or me.

i cant stand it, i know you planned it. imma set this straight this time to wait.

i feel like ive been waiting my whole life.

nice woman from my past reminded me when this waiting started: first grade.

in the snowy winters of illinois they made us little little kids stand in line outside

as the warm teachers inside waited for the clock to say 8am before they let us in.

like what youd do to dogs when you opened the sliding glass back door so they could piss.

the dogs would do their business and then stare at you through that window.

after a while theyd bark or jump on the glass.

basically saying wtf humanoid. im a dog and even im cold out here.

but even at first grade year old we were trained not to knock or jump or bitch

we were trained to stand in a straight line and wait till the doors were unlocked.

im 114 years old and im waiting.

but im barking.

cuz this is malarky.