i didnt care that she didnt want me to write about Jesus

Jesus at the LA Marathon

even Jesus knew no one wanted to hear about him.

The Father who sent me also speaks for me, but you have never heard his voice or seen him face to face.
You have not believed his message, because you refused to have faith in the one he sent.
You search the Scriptures, because you think you will find eternal life in them.
The Scriptures tell about me, but you refuse to come to me for eternal life.
I don’t care about human praise, but I do know that none of you love God.
I have come with my Father’s authority, and you have not welcomed me.
But you will welcome people who come on their own.
How could you possibly believe?
You like to have your friends praise you, and you don’t care about praise that the only God can give!
(John 5, 37-44)

i didnt care that she projected the most sinister evil intentions from me

claiming that all i cared about were the most horrible things ever.

i appreciated her creativity.

i didnt care that she kissed other boys

cuz i know they didnt kiss better than me

in fact i said kiss em all and see if they add up to me.

and she was all

you dont have a prayer in real life.

are you a banker a baker or a tagger

banker tagger im just a has been.

its been decided.

not in a bad way, because some people havent even been a been.

but not really in a great way either

cuz who wants to think theyve already peaked.

not sure what i can do next on this blog

other than blow it up in a crazy way.

what are your suggestions to what we can do here?

more pics of LA? less?

more belly sniffing? less?

more ideas about what should be fixed in the world?

less plans that the cubs should integrate in their quest for the ring?

more pics of girls or less?

more reviews of tacos or more?

less analysis of the dire state of rock music?

more bible stories?

do tell.

for once, i implore you.



my future baby mama asked me “marley or 2pac”?

pac or marley

although id be tempted to name a little kid 2pac,
not only would he’d be fairly anonymous on Google
and for sure he wouldnt be forgotten IRL.

plus in high school he’d clean up
because what girl wouldnt wanna brag
that 2pac is her bf.

he’d also get away with murder because no matter what he did
either it would be mellower than what his namesake ever did
or people would be all, go ahead you can steal those 2pac
whens the next record coming out?

meanwhile people name golden retrievers marley

i wouldnt do that to a kid.

future bd

girls are cute

kayne and jay-z have inspired another Niggas in Paris parody/tribute

last time it was Mos Def

this time its two bookworms

experiencing first world problems like having too many bookmarks

and not wanting to give a boy love because he reads too slowly

and cannot pronounce the name of an author.

(get used to reading alone then baby)


this sh*t cray

question of the week, from someone with a wrestling blog

head Q. Why do you even have a blog? You can’t write for shit and your ‘opinions’ are worthless and not thought-out at all. – Franny Zupancic

I’ll admit it. for a while i had a blog for the accolades.

then for a while for the money.

and for a stint for the women.

there were so many piles of cash the women would get lost in it all,

which defeated the purpose of course,

but it aint called first world problems for nothing.

i’d like to have a blog for art but lets be real.

a couple years ago i had a blog as a “tax shelter”

but our treasure is in the kingdom of heaven

aint that right franny.

i started blogging so i wouldnt jump off a roof outta boredom.

only to learn later i could fly.

for a while i did it for the kids.

but mostly i have a blog to attract sexy ladies like you

who’ll whisper sweet nothings in my comments

on international opposite day

of love.

the 80s are todays 50s

white house

when i think of the 50s i think of black and white films
elvis, chuck berry, bill haley
happy days
’55 Chevys

and for those of us who remember the 80s it was totally different
bright colors, mtv, popped collars
duran duran, thriller, AC/DC
miami vice

1955 was 30 years before 1985

1985 is pretty close to 30 years before now

do we really look at the 80s as people looked at the 50s

other than apple products and the web
(we’re definitely more technically advanced)
but are we thinking differently 30 years later?

not the motion of the minutia
but the actual creative process?

im not so sure i am.

i see pinterest and im all yawn.
i hear this new dance music dj stuff and im like thumbs down.
when did the Big Bang Theory take over my channel guide?

but im wondering am i actually letting my brain go with the flow
or am i stopping it out of fear and caution.

today i just listened to as much new music as i could on Rdio.

i gave Odd Future a second chance and the parson red heads.

i probably wasted a lot of time doing it.

but if the body isnt being exercised, the brain should.