people dont get enough tattoos

Anthony Garcia

there isnt enough porn

why is law n order never on

how come they never try paywalls

what i really want is a remastered box set version of a record i bought 20 years ago

i should get a cat and a dog

clooney has such range

breakfast is the most important meal of the day that i get through a window

gen y has yet to produce a nirvana, beastie boys, or an nwa and yet gen x are slackers

why does it only cost $17 a ticket to see a movie in 3D

Axl Rose is the only one left in Guns n Roses, and hes fat: lets go see that show

why does Ticketmaster only charge me $16.50 per ticket that i then print out myself

where the hell did the Octomom go

im sure im gonna get to the part in the bible where its all, “btw forget everything else in here –
hate the gays no matter what. and women. and persians. but especially gays.”

there arent enough guns

hold up ive gotta put those dust ruffles on my amazon wish list

rock radio has never had more music to draw from, which is why its so great right now

i cant wait for seacrest to die so the mormons can baptize him