question of the week, from someone with a wrestling blog

head Q. Why do you even have a blog? You can’t write for shit and your ‘opinions’ are worthless and not thought-out at all. – Franny Zupancic

I’ll admit it. for a while i had a blog for the accolades.

then for a while for the money.

and for a stint for the women.

there were so many piles of cash the women would get lost in it all,

which defeated the purpose of course,

but it aint called first world problems for nothing.

i’d like to have a blog for art but lets be real.

a couple years ago i had a blog as a “tax shelter”

but our treasure is in the kingdom of heaven

aint that right franny.

i started blogging so i wouldnt jump off a roof outta boredom.

only to learn later i could fly.

for a while i did it for the kids.

but mostly i have a blog to attract sexy ladies like you

who’ll whisper sweet nothings in my comments

on international opposite day

of love.