remember when jessica simpson was americas sweetheart

jessica simpsoni do.

remember when she didnt know that chicken of the sea was tuna fish?

remember when it was ok that she sang like a crazy person?

remember how cute she was when her husband nick did the laundry and yardwork

and had his brother come over ALL THE DAMN TIME to watch college sports?

remember when she dated tony romo and wore a pink jersey with his number on it

remember when all of dallas pretty much hated her when his performance faltered?

remember when john mayer called her sexual napalm?

remember the last time she had a hit single?

remember when her sister was caught lip synching on SNL?

remember when her dad was ridiculed for a variety of reasons?

i do.

remember when she posed naked and pregnant for Elle yesterday ala demi moore

for no good reason other than hey y’all im buck nekkid

wouldnt you like a reality show called where Jessica

and her sister Ashlee run around LA raising their kids?

maybe they could call it “The (mOther) Simpsons”