see that kid on the left, hes got a great shirt

point four seconds

but the kid on the right, hes got a better shirt

because that 0:4 means something very special to Laker fans

it was game 5, the final game, in the western conference playoffs against the San Antonio Spurs,

the defending NBA champs.

a team that had just won it all thanks to Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli and Eva Longoria’s ex husband Tony Parker:

a frenchman.

with 28 seconds to go in the deciding game

(the winner would go play the Detroit Pistons in the finals)

Spurs at  the White Housekobe bryant scored a ridiculous shot putting the Lakers up with just 4 seconds to go.

san antone gets the ball, tosses it to Duncan who makes an IMPOSSIBLE shot seemingly at the buzzer

But No, there’s actually point-four seconds left on the clock

not one second, 4-tenths of a second.

basically you have to catch the ball, jump and shoot all in one motion.

so the Lakers call time out to get it together.

the Zen Master, phil jackson draws out a play in front of his team.

who does he have to set something up with? well lets see

he has a 26 year old kobe bryant, the big diesel Shaquille O’Neal, future hall of famer Karl Malone, or your off guard Derek Fisher. The Glove, Gary Payton will throw the ball in.

of all those options, Fish would be the last choice, but with Point Four seconds to go he gets the ball

jumps and turns

and shoots

and Lakers win.

it was the last great moment in the Shaq/Kobe era that netted three rings as the Lakers would get creamed by the Pistons in the finals

and today the lakers traded derek fisher for a younger guy.

but dont be too sad, fish leaves with five rings

and fans who wear his tshirt.