1. Tuesday, March 13, 2012

    she was all put on some pants and run outside 

    emergency i was all do you know how cold it is out there?

    she was like i thought you were xbi

    i said baby i aint been xbi in so long

    she lifted her eyelashes and said

    thats not what my sister said.

    startled birds flap

    into the sky

    leaving behind one stray feather

    this little little kid.

    barely big enough to walk sees it

    and heads over.

    kids mom is all no no princess

    thats DIRTY


    i was thinking isnt this the same kid

    i just watched put her whole filthy foot,

    shoe and all, into its mouth

    on several occasions?

    but i guess that feather fell off for a reason.

    just like i guess we fell off for a reason