1. Saturday, March 24, 2012

    the 80s are todays 50s 

    white house

    when i think of the 50s i think of black and white films
    elvis, chuck berry, bill haley
    happy days
    ’55 Chevys

    and for those of us who remember the 80s it was totally different
    bright colors, mtv, popped collars
    duran duran, thriller, AC/DC
    miami vice

    1955 was 30 years before 1985

    1985 is pretty close to 30 years before now

    do we really look at the 80s as people looked at the 50s

    other than apple products and the web
    (we’re definitely more technically advanced)
    but are we thinking differently 30 years later?

    not the motion of the minutia
    but the actual creative process?

    im not so sure i am.

    i see pinterest and im all yawn.
    i hear this new dance music dj stuff and im like thumbs down.
    when did the Big Bang Theory take over my channel guide?

    but im wondering am i actually letting my brain go with the flow
    or am i stopping it out of fear and caution.

    today i just listened to as much new music as i could on Rdio.

    i gave Odd Future a second chance and the parson red heads.

    i probably wasted a lot of time doing it.

    but if the body isnt being exercised, the brain should.