1. Tuesday, March 20, 2012

    the way it is 

    bill murray she was all im back.

    i was all get out. she was no In. im in it to win it. im in.

    i insisted the answer was out. but she was like listen meet me on gchat in 30 minutes.

    so i hopped in the xbi mobile and sped home and on the way she called me

    and she sounded so happy. like not even really herself.

    like so happy.

    and when she hung up she was all i miss you.

    and then the phone rang again but it was a wrong number
    and then the phone rang again and it was the right number
    but the wrong person so i thought do i pick it up and maybe miss this call
    and it was so late i thought damn im sleepy
    but why would i speed home just to fall asleep
    surely for her id stay awake
    that was the deal, after all.

    and people change their minds all the times.

    like on friday you may agree to something with someone
    and then on monday it feels a lot like that someone went back on their word
    and sometimes that may make you feel stupid or crazy or detached from reality

    so i didnt pick up the right number.
    instead i drove home as fast as i could.
    and waited for her to appear on the little chat screen.

    and fell asleep