1. Wednesday, March 7, 2012

    there will be a day when the Cubs win the world series 

    maybe i’ll be alive, maybe i will be in the cold, cold ground.

    if im alive perhaps i will jump into the Chicago River

    i might kiss everyone around me

    i may get naked and run the streets like a crazy person.

    i may flip over cars, light them on fire, and dance ontop of them

    like i just dont care.

    and i know beggars cannot be choosers.

    and i know you shouldnt look a gift horse in the mouff.

    but please Lord. please God Above

    if i may ask for one thing

    one minor detail to this beautiful dream that Sony Playstation gave to us in this commercial for an inferior video game presented:

    when the Cubs win the World Series. something they havent done since 1908

    please let it happen during a day game.

    as Ernie Banks said, there are lights at Wrigley Field

    every DAY