1. Thursday, March 8, 2012

    theres many things i dont miss about living in frisco 

    at the top of the list are the aggressive bike riders.
    who seemingly Want to be hit by cars busses and semi trucks.
    here in LA theres a small subculture of like minded cyclists
    led by the longtime busblog reader Wil Campbell
    who are much more reasonable,
    but other than Wil, just as annoying on the road.

    its almost like they know theyre the younger sibling on the road
    and for some crazy reason the parents made up this stupid rule
    that they are some how Equal to the older kids
    and theyre allowed the same priveledges as everyone
    and so they peck at you while mom is watching
    and you grimace and think
    just wait, you.
    just wait.

    today the little brother made a funny ass video.