theres very few things on my walls

dont forget

but theres this.

the xbi messes with your memory. they wanna control what you think.

they know how flawed that is, but they try. god bless em.

they know that we are all little sponges and if people say mean things to us all day,

we’ll be affected. and if people say nice things all day, we’ll go cray.

and think that we are these all perfect unions.

the first thing the xbi snips out of your brain is Confidence.

they replace it with the ability to feel no pain.

its quite a trade-off and you can pretend that you are confident all day

in fact many of us mask it beautifully, but we’re faking.

and because of that, any time we see each other we say something super nice like

you have the most beautiful {fill in the blank} my oh my.

and they’ll return with “damn tony, have i told you how much i love the world famous busblog?”

and then we can go on saving the planet.

i used to have a zillion things on my walls so i can remember things.

because they work real hard to erase many of your memories.

oh ive already said that?