1. Thursday, March 29, 2012

    todays my neice’s birthday. shes 47. 

    neice maybe the reason the lord hasnt blessed me with a child of my own is because i feel like the little ones are here for our entertainment.

    thus when i saw a sign like the one pictured i was all hey you whatever your name is, go stand over there and lets see if youre allowed to go on the ride.

    when she got there i was all hmmm. are you standing on your toes?

    can you brush your hair up a little higher?


    im sure she spit in my beer later that night while i was driving us home.

    which is why i love her.

    shes definitely a pierce

    or a smith, or whatever she is.

    and im positive that if im not killed by an ex-love in the middle of the night while im sleeping,

    my beautiful niece will purchase a gun

    or finagle a trap door situation

    or simply hire a nice gentleman professional

    until then i hope she knows i love her

    and i hope she has a very special birthday today.