1. Sunday, March 18, 2012

    trading up 

    graffiti creates jobs

    peaking upon peak
    rounding up

    so whats your plan i was asked

    world domination
    mixed marriages
    baby mommas
    limited profiles

    suggested retail prices.

    what kinda pants are those?
    power cords.

    someone said she looks good
    someone else was all, shes 22,
    who dont look good at 22?

    hmmmmm i thought.
    and kept drinking.

    bartenders drunk someone said.
    he sure was something. staring at the register.

    finally cuz it takes one to know one
    someone goes he’s stoned.
    hes not wobbly.
    hes just staring at the colors.
    musta smoked something i aint smoked
    in quite a while,
    someone else said.

    and got a free beer off him.