1. Wednesday, March 14, 2012

    watched the conan obrien documentary Can’t Stop on netflix 

    artsome of it i was all poor conan

    and some of it i was all good for you conan

    and some of it i was like wow conan is a little cray.

    it made me feel bad for not watching him on tbs.

    and it made me feel dumb for not learning the guitar in college.

    if i have one rule for my kids, it’s to learn the guitar.

    french, you only use french like now and then Tops

    but if you get screwed out of your favorite job ever

    and you wanna hit the road to shake it off

    do you wanna go on a road trip speaking french all day

    or would you rather tour the country rocking out on the electric guitar

    with jack white

    and then jack black.

    it showed conan with an edge. a little crazed.

    a man clearly in search for some love no matter what.