1. Wednesday, April 11, 2012

    a pretty girl called me on the telephone yesterday 

    a baby you heard me right, on the Telephone!

    i was all hello (even though my caller ID correctly identified the young lady)

    she said hello!


    etc until we got to the part that all beautiful young ladies should get to when they ring me on the telephone:

    i miss you tony

    go on….

    i wish you were here.

    i bet you do!

    i cannot stop thinking about you

    well, my Windsong stays in your mind, duh

    and there was giggling, a gunshot,

    a little more giggling

    and then a whole lot of beaming.

    after we hung up the xbi called me and said

    did you hear that gunshot?

    i was all dudes please stop listening in on my phone calls but yes.

    what was it?

    i think that was someones heart exploding with joy.

    or the backfire of a camaro.

    but really who cares. didnt you hear what she said?

    photo of my sisters dog and an orphan child courtesy of my sister