1. Tuesday, April 10, 2012

    an angel came to me in a dream 

    life is too short for a bad one she was all knock knock

    i was all zzzzzzz

    she was all open sez me

    i was all zzzzzzz

    she was all i have the secret to making your life so much better

    i was all am i dreaming?

    she was like yes you passed out as soon as you came home from work

    i was all zzzzzzzz

    she asked did you just fall back asleep

    i was all zzzzzz

    she said ok all you have to do is turn off the internet by 9pm every night


    read for an hour every night before you go to bed


    write dangerous emails to exotic women


    and catch up on mad men already so you can get back into the national conversation

    groggy i was all are you still here?

    she said and throw out all your clothes.